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Good African safari shirts should on the minimum be comfortable, light, strong, durable, crease proof and be of breathable material. No harm in stating that they should offer proper coverage (buy the right size).

Lightness of the material means that the shirts are not only easy on your body but also, when circumstances demand, you can quickly wash it overnight in the bathroom sink. This way you can last on a 2 weeks safari with minimum clothing.

Thanks to fabric & textile technology we are no longer stuck with the military heavy khaki as mixtures of natural & synthetic materials now exist in a wide range of earth colors and with wider designs to choose from.

Look at having assorted short and long sleeved African safari shirts. This takes care of the sunny warm days and also the cool evenings and mornings. Consider also that a long sleeved safari shirt gives good protection against mosquitoes in the evenings. On number of shirts to carry, put more short sleeved, allowing for 3 per week.

Colors – the rule is be in sync with nature so avoid the white, pinks, yellows etc. Red is only allowed if you are a Masai and it is draped as a shuka! (=blanket)

Now you have the safari shirts, not good enough if you don’t follow the practical travel rule of dressing in layers. Work on the 3 recommended layers, the base layer (vest or undergarment), middle (short sleeved shirt, T-shirt or long sleeved) and the outer layer – it should be your wind and water proof jacket.

Note it is not on all days that you should start of with 3 layers, judging by the weather on most safari days start with 2 or even 1, BUT have the 2 extra layers within reach – in your backpack and not in the hotel room.

Also note, there is no strict rule of exactly what should be layer 3, it is weather and activity dependent. A long sleeved safari shirt is multi-purpose and can be used as layer 2 or 3.

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