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Miscellaneous colorful bird species (Page 9/10)

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hornbills,sparrows,weavers,bird photography,birds pictures,birding,bird watching,kenya,africa
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bustards,ostriches,bird photography,birds pictures,birding,bird watching,kenya,africa
miscellaneous birds,bird photography,birds pictures,birding,bird watching,kenya,africa
mischellaneous birds,bird photography,birds pictures,birding,bird watching,kenya,africa

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Africa easy bird watching? Say that to those with bird watching phobia – is it not those safaris that are done in rainy weather, in swamps, ankle deep in the mud, hands full of expensive binoculars, cameras, scopes, guidebooks and still... where is that bird? And do I loose all the opportunities for wildlife viewing?

Just a minute, let us demystify Africa birding and bird watching which is a ticket-for-life in the theater for nature and the best part, it's VIP seats for all. That’s easy bird watching: any time, any where – the always-in-the-swamp-part is way, way too exaggerated (OK, once in while).

Fisher's Lovebird

Hadada Ibis

Montane Wagtail

Red-throated Wryneck



African Orange-bellied Parrot

The wildlife is part and parcel of an Africa easy bird watching holiday, especially so in Kenya. The Little Egrets will be happily floating on the Hippo. Red-billed Oxpeckers are grooming the buffaloes. Cattle Egrets for sure know that an Elephant's heavy step will blow off some insects and Vultures fight it out on a carcass with lions, hyenas and jackals! This is Kenyan bird watching at its best.

Anyone can enjoy easy bird watching whether alone or with company. Start with your backyard – what do you see there? Look at the colors of birds, listen to the calls, observe the activity, what are they feeding on, could there be a nest around? This interest (and you are not yet at the swamp!) is the foundation of enjoyable bird watching, which you then carry to your African bird watching holiday.

Lilac-breasted Roller


Red and Yellow Barbet

Rosy-patched Bush-shrike

Speckled Mousebirds + Baglafecht Weaver

White-browed Coucal

Bird watching is a hobby for life. Even with limited mobility, chances for easy bird watching come impromptu; in your garden (or a shared garden), a public park, on a drive or just visiting a different place.

Where do the expensive binoculars and birding scopes fit in easy bird watching? While we have seen tremendous improvement on the quality of birding optics and they indeed help in making bird watching very easy – they are not and can’t be a replacement for the keen eye, well tuned ear and the company of experienced field guides. They are only aids but when used properly the good binoculars and/or bird watching scopes can push your bird watching to a very high level.

What about a checklist? The one sure way of ruining an easy bird watching excursion is to be obsessed with the number of birds seen in a day. If you want to enjoy bird watching, simply take time to look at the birds, log the image in your mind and then, and only then, should you put it down in your checklist. Reversing this order is detrimental to your bird watching skills.

When going on an African bird watching holiday be sure to book with an operator who is experienced and who will consider your interests and not judge his success on the number of bird species seen. The catch is how many birds species did YOU positively identify in a very relaxed and detailed way?

Secretary Bird

Little Bee-eater

Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater

White-throated Bee-eater

Grassland Pipit

Red-capped Lark

To prepare for your bird watching holiday to Kenya, use the online pictures for whetting your appetite on the birds species found in Kenya.

All birds pictures in this website are copyright Peter Huysman, an avid bird watcher and also the owner & operator of Ontdek Kenya - the leading outfitter of bird watching holidays in Kenya since '96.

Kindly have a look at our 12-day bird watching holiday in Kenya.

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