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Ontdek Kenya organizes family adventure travel in Kenya from the unique position of the lessons learned and the many wonderful experiences we have shared as we have traveled extensively in Kenya with our two children when they were still under 12.

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Family adventure travel has been part of us, our kids hit ground on the walking trail, joining the walks in the comfy of baby carriers and now as young nature enthusiast, they have done most of the walks in our itineraries. Their bird list is growing by each outing and their knowledge about wildlife is expanding beyond mere identification.

Are you looking for an affordable family vacation in Kenya?

We would want every family that takes a Kenyan safari with us to have the same joys with their children like we have had with ours. We offer you child-friendly travel to Kenya, that is a genuine alternative to the standard family safari packages.

Read this when planning your family safari.

What to expect in our family adventure travels:

- First and foremost, we recognize that arranging your family travel to Kenya is about choosing an operator that you can fully trust. We have been in operation since 1996 and we have gained a reputation of reliability from a good portfolio of overseas tour operators, as well as huge numbers of independent travelers who book direct with us.

- On safari vacations, nothing makes the kids more edgy than exhausting long distance travel - our solution to this is to arrange your tour on a circuit of nearby parks that have excellent game viewing with minimal road transfers. We recommend a min of 2-3 nights per tented safari camp to make your family adventure tour relaxed without packing up every morning. Your kids will have a familiar base to come back to at the end of the day.

- We will work with you to incorporate fun and easy game viewing walks in your family adventure travel - the whole family can get right out in nature. The walks have flexible distances with easy to see game such as giraffes, zebras and gazelles. You will not be cooped up in a safari minibus throughout your trip - this has been one of the many highlights families have commended us for.

- There are several private game conservancies and small national parks with a lot of game and they are not visited by mass tourism - these are areas kids feel very comfortable in and we would feature them in your itinerary.

- Accommodation matters - and we go for small safari camps where families are treated with personalized attention. These are the best places for accommodating special dietary needs. All rooms have an internal bath/shower and flush toilet.

- Expect knowledgeable safari guides to accompany you throughout the trip. In a fun and yet educational way he will talk to your children about wildlife, birds, culture and all facets of Kenyan life. You can never rule out a holiday experience igniting an interest in a career. Read more on how we organize our guided safaris.

- Each family has different needs and we will work with you to customize a safari that meets your expectations.

We look forward to receiving your inquiry for family adventure vacation to Kenya and remember the more info you give us, the easier it is for us to connect with your family needs. Please review these itineraries which are a good starting point in helping to sort out the many ideas you may have.

8 Day family tour in the Swara Plains, Amboseli and Tsavo NP

This 8 days southern Kenya family holiday starts with the Swara plains, a private game conservancy, then moves on to Amboseli National Park at the foot of the snow-capped Kilimanjaro and finishes with Tsavo, the land of the man-eater lions.

The tour is ideal for families with bird watching and wildlife photography as interests as there is enough time per location and the scenery ranges from the snow-capped Kilimanjaro while in Amboseli to very dramatic hills in Tsavo. See detailed itinerary.

10 Day family adventure travel in Sangare, Sweetwaters and Samburu

This family tour starts from our home base i.e. the Aberdares/Mt.Kenya region, where over the years we have introduced & guided our clients to the hidden gems in this area: the open savannas of the Sangare ranch teaming up with giraffes, zebras, impalas, Thompsonís and Grantís gazelles - all yours to discover as you take guided walks in total absence from mass tourism.

The Solio ranch, which holds the highest concentration of Black Rhinos in Africa, is a must visit in this area. Going to the tree hotel will add to the many highlights that you have already enjoyed in this guided walking trip.

Your family tour then moves on to Sweetwaters and finishes with Samburu reserve in Northern Kenya. See detailed itinerary.

11 Day family adventure travel in the Rift Valley and Masai Mara

This is a very relaxed Kenya family adventure travel with two bases in the Rift Valley - each with 3 nights and ends with 3 nights in Masai Mara. Of importance is that it is off the high-tourism circuit and it has minimal road transfers. You may opt for internal flights from Mara to Nairobi. We offer you stress free family travel that is a genuine alternative to the package safaris. See detailed itinerary.

For a consultation on family safaris in Kenya, contact Ontdek Kenya safaris. We have been traveling with our children in Kenya since 1998.