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East of Mount Kenya

Below find a summary of facts and figures about the Meru National Park:

Size: 870 km˛

Location: the Meru National Park is situated east of Mount Kenya. From within the park, you can see the peaks of Kenya's highest mountain.

From Meru town there's a good tarmac road leading to the Murera Gate.

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Landscape: the park consists mainly of open grasslands, rivers, swamps and riverine forests with the typical Doum Palms. These palm trees are also found in Samburu, Shaba and Buffalo Springs.

Mammals: e.g. the big five (= elephants, lions, buffaloes, rhinos and leopards), hyenas, reticulated giraffes, Burchell and Grevy's zebras, gerenuks (= the antelope with the long neck), hippos...

Bird species: 427 different species have been recorded in the park.

Visitors: this park is not often visited. To us, this is a highly underappreciated park. The park has a lot of big game and birds and the landscape is a one off.

Activities: game drives, bird watching, photography

Accommodation: within the park there's the top end tented camp of Elsa's Kopje. Close to the Murera Gate there are some more budget-friendly parks. Our preference is the Ikweta Safari Camp.

If you have no problem catering for yourself, the KWS bandas are a good option.