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Game Reserves in Kenya

Below find a summary of facts and figures about the game reserves of Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba:

Size of the parks:

- Samburu: 165 kmē

- Shaba: 239 kmē

- Buffalo Springs: 131 kmē

Location: all three parks border the Ewaso Ngiro River, the life line of the parks, and form one big eco-system. Buffalo Springs and Shaba are south of the river, Samburu in the north.

A bridge over the Ewaso Ngiro connects Buffalo Springs with Samburu.

Driving time from Nairobi is about 8 hrs.

The parks are at about 900 m above sea level.

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Landscape: the three parks are semi-deserts with more vegetation and game along the Ewaso Ngiro River, which has its source in the Aberdare Range. Seasonal creeks, crossing the parks, drain into the river, adding to the greatly varying volume of water.

The river with the typical Doum Palms and the table mountains in the background give the parks a unique landscape. The Doum Palms are also found in the Meru National Park.

Mammals: e.g. elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, reticulated giraffes, the not so common Grevy's zebras, gerenuks (= mid-sized antelopes with long necks), Beisa oryxes, common waterbucks (being the less common type of waterbuck in Kenya), impalas...

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Bird species: about 365 bird species are on record in the parks. One of the species that is unique to these parks in Kenya is the Somali ostrich.

Visitors: During high season (being the school holidays in Europe) it can be quite busy in these parks. The rest of the year they're usually not crowded at all.

Activities: game drives, photography, bird watching


Accommodation: within the parks there are lots of lodges and tented camps. We prefer the Simba Lodge or the Ashnil Tented Camp, both in Buffalo Springs.