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White Storks (Page 3/3)

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Camera out, first the family photographer having his go with a right pose and later the amateurs at the back seat tried their hands in taking pictures of the White Storks.

online birds identification White Storks

As much as binoculars make identifying of birds species easy, this was one time we kept the binoculars down. The display we had wasn’t a "look-through-the-eye-piece thing", it was a moment to simply absorb and freeze in the mind in an almost gluttonous way.

We took our time driving as slowly as possible, stopping whenever a “new” side show was spotted and there were so many side shows with about 5 kms lined both ways with White Storks, throw in a curious Marabou. We had a bird watching excursion in Lake Nakuru that we will remember for a long time.

Fortunately this side of the park we were on is not on the rhino–ring around the lake and the grasslands, which are popular with visitors wanting to see specifically the wildlife animals, so we had a completely undisturbed 2 hrs of one-of-a-kind bird watching in Nakuru.

What is the bird watching lesson/s we learned from the White Stork experience? Our answer is two sided:

- First, as operators of bird watching holidays in Kenya, it made us more than ever conscious of what kind of experience we would wish our clients to have and not ruin the experience by rushing for number of birds species seen.

bird watching in Kenya Rüppell's Long-tailed Starling

- Secondly as parents of 2 young children, to share nature with our kids, take the time to talk about the migrating birds, watch mistakes in birds identification and subtly correct them. Hear a surprise recall of birds species seen in what is a very-very-long-time–ago to a child, gives a joy that is beyond measure.

Replays of pictures of White Storks, taken with the zeal of polished nature photography only to end up with photos that are out off focus or a blank sky instead of birds in flight, give us a very informal chances to introduce our children to a wider aspect of how to enjoy nature. We are certain we would have lost this if we had turned the afternoon into a game of number of birds species seen.

For a consultation on bird watching holidays in Lake Nakuru Kenya Contact Ontdek Kenya Safaris, we are not just a birdwatching tour operator but we seriously enjoy birding.

Click here to go to page 2 of the article on bird watching in Lake Nakuru.

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