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Wild Bird Identification (Page 1/3)

The flamingo is the poster bird not only for Lake Nakuru Kenya but it is also the most recognized wild bird species that has put Kenya on the map as an ornithological destination. The down side of the above scenario to ornithologists is that other exciting wild birds are often overshadowed by the “poster” bird fame.

My family has lost count of the number of times we have visited Lake Nakuru National Park and as much as we enjoy seeing the flamingos, they no longer hold the coveted “ must-see-birds-species” and this is not a case of familiarity breeding contempt.

Buffaloes flamingos Lake Nakuru bird watching holidays

We still enjoy seeing them but we look out for what else can give the drama and thrill in wild bird watching and identification in Lake Nakuru Kenya. This is a very open minded approach in bird watching and count on nature to always pull a front-seat performance when you choose not to go by a laid down bird watching script.

Our outing to Nakuru National park in mid March ’10, will possibly remain a highlight of our bird watching experience in Kenya, no thanks to flamingos but to the migrating White Storks. We drove through kilometers of grasslands choking full of white plumage with red bills and acacia trees bending to near breaking point with the weight of heavy birds. Water holes were crowded with the tell-tale black edges on the white primaries as the storks winged each other out to get a chance to drink (I guess if we can say: people elbow each other out, it is OK to say birds wing each other out).

Some back tracking on the White Storks in Kenya. Obviously we knew that the White Storks were around because we had been seeing them in our area, Nyeri, and we had spotted various groups, on the range of 20 -30 birds, on the Nyeri- Nyahururu road.

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