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Family Reunion Ideas

Looking for a Family vacation planner for your African safari? Let Anne Huysman, a tour operator based in Kenya consult with you as you plan to travel with your children on a Kenyan safari.

Family vacation planner - family reunion ideas

But with so many choices on Kenya family vacations found on the internet, I hear you asking, but Anne – why should you be our family vacation planner to Kenya?

Here are my qualifications:

- I have over 20 years of experience as a safari planner, specialty being truly nature themed safaris that keep my clients from mass tourism either engaged in soft game viewing walks, bird watching, photo safaris and responsible wildlife safaris. I’m very particular that my clients don’t spend all their safari days cooped up in a safari bus - a fact that I know is important to your family.

- I also consider myself blessed to bring with me 13 yrs experience as a mother of 2 children whom I have traveled a lot with in Kenya for leisure and also on work related safaris.

- So I'm on the same wave-length with you as far as traveling with children is concerned.

Let's clear one thing before we move on, a lot of the websites you will visit will tend to offer you family safaris in the whole of East Africa, I respect this but I want to be honest with you that I restrict my operations just to Kenya – the country I’m experienced in, where I’m in touch with lodges and safari camps and where I can closely monitor how your family safari will be progressing.

I know you are investing a lot of emotions, expectations, as well as money in your family holiday and it matters that as your family vacation planner I support you with value adding information that is not a marketing hype.

As your Kenyan family vacation planner I will work with your family on long term keeping things simple, clear and bringing everyone in the family on board as we plan the trip.

Many families traveling to Kenya have wildlife viewing as their main theme – and indeed this is something that I feature highly in my programs. But if you are on safari for 2 weeks – by day 9 you will get in to what I call the game fatigue of "oh, not another warthog!"

As your family vacation planner with a specialty in walking holidays, I break this by incorporating soft game viewing walks that all family members can enjoy. Nothing beats the feeling of your family having a guided walk in a field where you kids can see giraffes, zebras & gazelles away from mass tourism.

There are various types of accommodations available in Kenya and while I will not push to you one lodge or tented camp as the “must”, I will give you proposals on what works best for a family. I’m inclined to the small safari camps rather than the + 100 beds high-traffic hotels. Again on the small properties – I work on family–by–family basis taking into consideration their budget, what activities they want and the ages of the children.

All too often, the interests of the adults are pushed to the back burner when planning a family safari. And how unfortunate to ever say – “I would have wanted to do A, B & C but I couldn’t as we had the kids with us”. As your family vacation planner – I’ve been able to pursue my 2 hobbies walking & bird watching while traveling with my children – the catch is in planning and I will consider the interests of the adults in your family. Take it from me that your kids will be happy that you took some time off from them to go on a longer hike, cycle or go out at the crack of dawn for those with the sunrise-photos.

So let me know your interests and we will integrate them in your family safari.

As your family vacation planner I aim to give you a stress-free safari in Kenya. Name it: vehicles that are mechanically sound, competent family guides, access to private game conservancies, payment of all local activities so that you spend your time enjoying your family vacation and not sorting out arising problems.

Last but not least family travel is about trust and the sense of security that comes from knowing that all things considered you are dealing with a Kenyan safari operator you have confidence in. Trust is earned, it is not measured in the safari price or the numbers of clients that a company handles per year. As your family vacation planner, I run a relatively small company but the feedback from past clients, both travel agents & independent travelers is that I have met & exceeded their Kenya holiday expectations. No problem asking me for refs.

As your family safari planner my goal is to help you get the most from your safari.

For a consultation on family safaris in Kenya, contact Ontdek Kenya safaris. We have over 20 years of experience in travel with children in Kenya.