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Our Africa bird watching tours site map gives you information about how we enjoy birding ourselves: observing birds in their natural habitats in a relaxed way. Competent bird guides, good selection of habitats for a variety of Kenyan bird species, easy walks so that you are not cooped up in a minibus throughout your birding tour and flawless ground logistics are the hallmarks of our Ontdek Kenya birding safaris.

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Fisher's Lovebird, Kenya birding tours, African bird watching vacations

Popular bird watching tours:

- 9 Days birding holiday. Explore the alkaline lake of Nakuru and the fresh water lake of Naivasha, both in Kenya's Rift Valley and finish off with 3 days bird watching in Masai Mara... Of course, here it's not just the birds we're going for.

- 12 Days birdwatching tour. Add to the previous 9-day tour the Ramsar site Lake Bogoria and the fresh water Lake Baringo and your number of birds seen will increase by a huge number.

- 15 Days birding safari. This is probably our most popular birding tour. Here you not only visit the Rift Valley lakes (both fresh and alkaline) but you also bird in Kenya's last remaining pocket of tropical rain forest: Kakamega Forest. You finish off with Masai Mara, good for the big game as well as tens of new bird species.

Pictures of Kenyan bird species:

1) Hornbills, Sparrows & Weavers

2) Kingfishers & Flycatchers

3) Doves, Pigeons, Chats, Thrushes & Robins

4) Herons, Egrets, Plovers & Sunbirds

5) Vultures, Storks & Babblers

6) Waterbirds, Waxbills, Estrildids & Starlings

7) Raptors, Francolins, Guineafowls & Spurfowls

8) Bustards & Ostriches

9) Miscellaneous colorful birds

10) More colorful birds

Articles on bird watching:

- One of Kenya's many endemic birds: the Hinde's Babbler

- Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

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