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What is the ultimate goal of this photo gallery?

Our aim is to provide for every bird species occurring in Kenya one or more pictures, so that this gallery can help in identifying Kenya's colourful bird species. In case males, females, juveniles, breeding and non-breeding adults differ very much, we want to provide several pictures per species. Tips on how to differentiate one species from another are sometimes mentioned under the picture.

We're not looking for artistic pictures. While an image of a row of flying flamingos in front of the setting sun is definitely very beautiful, the pictures we publish in this gallery show as good as possible the details needed to identify the bird species.

If you have pictures of species for which this gallery doesn't have any yet or you have a better image, please share it with us. We will credit the picture to you in the gallery. Send the picture in an unresized format; at most we will crop and resize the picture.

Kindly fill out the short questionnaire in this email and attach your picture: E-mail us.

Together we will make it.


Peter Huysman
Ontdek Kenya